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Alongside performing, we are passionate about providing a platform for others to express and develop their musical talent.


As part of your commitment to learning with us, we will provide the members of our junior, intermediate and adult classes with opportunities to perform each year - as well as the opportunity to progress into our main performance orchestra.


Children £40 | Adults £60 for 12 weeks

*payable one month in advance


Main band 


The main band has an age range of 12-19 and have around 2-4 years experience of playing. This band performs at the larger events such as carnival, junior panorama and does a lot of street performance. They play a wide range of music from all different backgrounds. To be apart of this band you’d need to have at least between 1-2 years experience. 


The side currently has an age range of 17-28 and has a greater experience with a minimum of 6 years experience. As well as the main band they play a wide range of music from different backgrounds. This band is smaller in size and plays at functions such as weddings, awards ceremony’s and business party’s.


Please feel free to get in contact (or come and visit!) for more information.



For 12 Weeks

Payable in advance



For 12 Weeks

Payable in advance

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